which distro and Gui ?

Yvon Boulianne mysticsguy at yahoo.ca
Wed May 9 00:19:30 EDT 2001

Hello everybody, i'm starting to use python but before investing some
times in it i like to have a suggestion.
which version of python is the more (standard), i know there is
activestate version, beopen, and twistedmatrix and maybe more ?  which
one better to run (on win95) ?
also for the Gui, which one is the better one ? (faster execution, run
on many platforms, stable etc..)  i know there is Tkinter and wxpython
and some other.

my purpose is to be able to learn OO and do some application (mainly
networking apps) so any suggestion will be verry cool :)

p.s. is it possible that some version of python are not compatible
with Tkinter (i think i read that somewhere, if i remember well it was
the active state who have a problem with it) ?

Have a Fantastic Journey
With Counsciousness

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