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>> hi
>> i can't find a tablewidget for Python (not even in the Pmw megawidget
>> module)

> wxPython has a fantastic and powerful table widget,
> (from the looks of the demo)

Likewise, PyQt has a great table widget. But even a year or two ago, 
PyQt already had a useful multi-columnt listbox and a non-editable
table view. That was part of the reason I decided to go with PyQt.
Constructing a table using the Tkinter canvas and then popping up
edit boxes at mouse clicks wasn't exactly appealing.

> a (somewhat) related comment, I find it a bit frustrating to develop
> with either Tkinter or wxPython, using either IDLE or Pythonwin (on NT), as
> I often end up 'hanging' python, or having extra processes left behind, or
> other nasty things which seem to relate to the fact that the IDE is running
> in Python, and also using (the same or another) window toolkit, thereby
> causing my buggy programs to 'interfere' with the IDE itself.
> do other people have problems like this?
> is it better on linux?

I've never had a hang with Pythonwin, but I haven't used it all that
much, and only to develop PyQt apps. On Unix, it's impossible to let
the combination of bash and nedit hang - or XEmacs. 


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