Python vs. Perl

Gisle Aas gisle at
Sat May 26 05:44:02 CEST 2001

"Tim Peters" < at> writes:

> [Thomas Wouters]
> > ... Perl doesn't *have* integers that aren't strings. Perl just has
> > scalars, lists and associative arrays. But the tuples-as-keys is a huge
> > difference with perl hashes -- as far as I recall, that isn't possible.
> > Hash keys have to be scalars. I remember that being one of the
> > top-5 annoyances I had with Perl hashes :)
> You fake it in Perl like so:
>     $hash{$key1, $key2} = $whatever;

This is mostly a perl4 legacy.  I never seen it used in any modern
perl code.  You would use:

    $hash{$key1}{$key2} = $whatever;


Gisle Aas

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