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No keep it as supercede - that a British spelling!!

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> Very nice!    Thank you very much for creating this useful doc.
> One problem: under linux netscape, the lines following crossed-out modules
> are not on a new line.   But it does display ok under Windows Explorer.

Hmmm. I can't reproduce this - I don't have access to a Linux box at the
moment. (I know, I know...) Well, I *could* muck about with <p>s, <br>s
'/n's and '/r's and try to get it working.

But AFAIC the *real* problem it that the whole area is embedded in a <pre>
block and has a bunch of &nbsp:s in order to show the information in a
tabular format. So I'm going to bite the bullet at put the whole lot in a
*real* table. In fact there are quite a number of these pseudo tables
around, and they could all do with putting into real tables.  Hmmm, I feel a
script coming on!

> Also, "supercede" should be "supersede".

Well, the COED lists it as an acceptable variant. But OK, I'll put up my
hand to that one!

Thanks also to Max Masmussen, Richard Wolff, Enrique Castro and
junio at for pointing out a few other problems. I'll
be posting an updated version in a day or two.

One point that I'd like to ask the list about - Richard Wolff pointed out
that the pdb section is out of date. I never use this myself - I'm a
PythonWin man myself. Do people want this updated? If not, I'll probably
take it out altogether.

In the other hand, If people do use it, I'd be grateful if someone could
send be a précis of the changes that I should make.

The probably applies to the EMACS mode stuff, too. If it has changed, I'd be
grateful for a summary of the changes.

Simon Brunning
TriSystems Ltd.
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