Python and Computer Algebra Systems --- is it done?

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Mon May 21 10:13:44 CEST 2001

In article <culggtse7omf99c4soalcts2pptph2di6e at>, "Unknown"
<jm7potter at> wrote:
> I also have something called cln at c:\cyqwin\cln\cln-1.1.tar.gz and
> ginac at c:\cyqwin\ginac\ginac-0.8.3.tar.bz2.tar (yes! two tars in that
> one)
> I also have an animal named pyginac at C:\pyginac\pyginac-0.465.tar.gz.
> So, how do I unpack tar/bz2/gz ? Suppose cyqwin has the software there
> somewhere?

I don't know much about cygwin, but if it comes with the standard GNU zip
(gzip/gunzip) or GNU bzip (bzip2/bunzip2), then decompressing a tarball
is a matter of 'tar xzf <filename>' for a .tar.gz and 'tar xjf
<filename>' for a .tar.bz2.



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