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>> Hi,
>> I've created a program using wxPython library.
>> When I use combobox events,
>> instead of one I recive two or more events. Why?
>I'm only getting one event when selecting an item from the combo...  Do you
>also attach EVT_TEXT?  Which platform are you on and which version of
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I'm using wxPyhon 2.2.5 under Win98.

wxComboBox is attached on the wxToolBar and I'm not using EVT_TEXT.

But, after I had modified combo demo I've noticed that wxComboBox emitted
two events
for selection when it was attached to the wxFrame and one to the wxPanel. On
the other
hand, wxToolBar received three events. What's happening here?

    It looks like that I've send mail by mistake to Robert Dunn.
    I apologize.

Marko Djogatovic

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