Python vs. Perl

David Konerding dek at
Wed May 23 01:49:24 CEST 2001

On Tue, 22 May 2001 19:34:07 -0400, Rob Nikander <nikander at> wrote:
> In article <mailman.990569132.16898.python-list at>, "Jonathan
> Gardner" <gardner at> wrote:
>> am going to miss a lot of the C features that I live and die by (while
>> (a = getc())), and I am going to miss the "do this or die unless that"
>> aspect of Perl. What does Python have that makes it so great? Why should
>> I spend time to become intimate with it? I am looking for comments from
>> people that actually have used Perl or C/C++ extensively, and I am
>> looking for comments that go beyond the FAQ.
> I haven't used much Perl, but there is a huge difference from C/C++
> because you can do dynamic stuff like:
> str = getCommandFromSomewhere()
> exec str

Eh, you could always add some code to your app which inserts the code into a
text file, compiles it, and dlopen's it, but I've never actually seen somebody do
that :-)


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