Python Risk

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Wed May 9 18:03:48 CEST 2001

Daniel Klein <danielk at> writes:

> I'm now a strong Python advocate but a question that seems to be
> comming up quite a bit lately is, what would happen to the language
> if something happened to our BDFL (aka GVR)? Would the language
> stagnate or is there enough of a 'machine' out there to continue its
> evolution and support?

I think there are two points to observe. One is, stagnation would not
be a problem for quite some time. The most recent release would
continue to work; you applications that you've developed using it
would also continue to work.

To understand what happens in Open Source when the primary figure goes
away, please have a look at "Homesteading the Noosphere", by Eric
Raymond.  If there is enough interest, somebody would take over
development. For a large project, a team of developers would normally
take over. If Guido became unavailable or uninterested *today*, I'm
pretty sure that there would be stagnation for some short period of
time, after which a group would take over.

Please note that copyright is/will be with the Python Software
Foundation, which would be in charge of determining the fate of
further development.


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