Generating SQL queries in Python

Boudewijn Rempt boudewijn at
Wed May 23 04:59:07 EDT 2001

Karl Schmid wrote:

> Hi,
> I am currently writing a python program that heavily interacts with SQL
> databases (PostgreSQL). The SQL queries are kind of hard-coded at many
> places in the program and need to be changed when the database structure
> changes (or when a different database system is used, e.g. MySQL).
> I was wondering whether there is a solution available in python that
> allows to introduce an additional layer of functions for generating SQL
> queries so that the code can be more easily adapted to changes in the
> database structure or system.
> Any information on modules or documentation dealing with this problem is
> welcome.

I've written something like that for MySQL - but it should be readily 
portable to PostgreSQL. You define a kind of repository with a description 
of your tables and relations, and the module automatically generates 
queries and joins.

The version I use in Kura is a bit more current:

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