JAVA - Python bridge

Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at
Thu May 3 20:59:50 EDT 2001

Take a look at JPE (Java-Pyton Extension):

  - Dave

Neil Benn <neil.benn at> wrote:
> Hello,
>             I've been looking at python as a scripting language to call from
> java.  I initially started looking at Jython but the problem is that Jython
> runs in the JVM and I miss out a lot of functionality that python has
> (especially PythonCOM).
>     Next I looked at JPE (Java-Python Extension) which seemed to work as a
> good bridge but I can't get to it compile!  I also looked at JPI but there's
> not a lot of information on that.
>     My question is, does anybody know of a java - python bridge that has
> been written and I can take advantage of.
>     All suggestions welcome, including weird and wacky!!
> Cheers,
> Neil Benn
> Automation Informatics Scientist
> CaT

Dave Kuhlman
dkuhlman at

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