I had a thought ... (I know, call the newspapers).

gzeljko gzeljko at sezampro.yu
Thu May 31 16:45:26 EDT 2001

From: Laura Creighton <lac at cd.chalmers.se>
Subject: I had a thought ... (I know, call the newspapers).

> Lets give python a new type.  We will call it money.  And we will
> tell people to use that.  And under float, we will suggest strongly
> that people are most likely to want to use the type money rather
> than float.  And we will document the behaviour of float.

This is exactly Delphi's aproach. There is simple and efficient Currency
type, simple long long assumeing four least-significant digits are decimals.
So you hev predictable :) integer aritmetic. Very usable and widely used.


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