suggestion: swap function in Python

Nick Perkins nperkins7 at
Thu May 31 15:19:37 EDT 2001

> A swap function is impossible in Python. A function cannot rebind names in
> the caller's namespace. This is why del is a statement and not a function,
> for instance.
> --
> Remco Gerlich

Agreed.  It is impossible for a function,
but what if it was a statement?

Given the tiny amount of bytecode, it should be very easy to implement.

suggested syntax for a 'swap' statement:

a = 10
b = 20
swap a b

( no parens, just like print, del, import...)

resulting in:
>     LOAD_FAST b
>     LOAD_FAST a
>     STORE_FAST b
>     STORE_FAST a

(Of course this might break any code that uses the name 'swap'...)

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