Coddling Emacs (was Re: Long names are doom ?)

Jonathan Feinberg jdf at
Mon May 28 16:54:11 CEST 2001

"Tim Peters" < at> writes:

> Indeed, if stupid regexp tricks aren't enough to deduce the "big picture"
> reliably, we can toss at least PythonWin's, IDLE's, and the Emacs pymode's
> toy parsers out the window.

I won't live without emacs, but there are many lines of Perl code in
my various projects that look like

	@$glyph{qw(numPoints endPoints x y flags)}           #)} emacs

in order to compensate for Perl's fluid syntax.  Even ILYAZ's
excellent cperl-mode (which is nearly 7000 lines long, hardly a toy)
cannot cope.

ObPython: I also found this line in a Python program while searching
for Perl examples.  Do you all have similar emacs strategies?

   """, re.X)                            # "emacs!

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