best tkinter documentation?

Francesco Bochicchio fbochicchio at
Sun May 6 17:40:26 EDT 2001

"Brandon J. Van Every" wrote:
> What is the best tkinter documentation, as in "most current and accurate?"
> Reading the Google archives, I ran across somebody claiming that the tkinter
> docs all suck and are woefully out of date.  He went so far as to say you're
> better off just reading their source code.

When an year ago I had to learn Python+tkinter, I relied on the
following sources for tkinter:

- for beginning, the short turorial on was
quite useful
to start.

- Next step was more difficult: I knew there were books, like 'Python
and Tkinter Programming' by John Grayson, which are considered quite
good. But I did not have a way to acquire quickly such a book, and,
after all, I like 'learning by doing' better than 'learning by reading'.
So I started studying the tkinter examples packaged with Python
distribution, and then I invented  a small pet project of 
mine to learn more. Doing this, I had frequently to refer to the
original Tcl/tk documentation and sometime I had to look into
'' to understand how the tcl function was wrapped. I believe
thta this cannot be avoided with wrappers :
it would be too much an effort to fully duplicate the original docs, amd
to keep it up-to-date.

After this, there are still things of Tkinter that I did not know, but I
knew enough to complete my task.


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