ActivePython and ASP

William Shields william.shields at
Mon May 14 21:10:38 EDT 2001

dsavitsk wrote:
> do both run active server pages fine?  try it with VB script.  I have found
> that IIS is pretty hit or miss on NT4, and that when it doesn't work out of
> the box it may never.

Yes VBScript works fine on both machines. The simple HTML below works
fine on one machine but not on the other. If I change the language to
VBScript it works fine on both machines.
<%@ language = Python%>

Response.Write("Hello World!!<br>")


> "you will be happier with apache/mod_python"
> doug

You might be right but I've been working with IIS for three years and my
employer is not likely to change.

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