Vincent A. Primavera vincent_a_primavera at
Wed May 9 15:46:17 CEST 2001

	Thanks so much!  You have gotten me out of the woods least for now.

	Vincent A. Primavera

On Wednesday 09 May 2001 17:14, Grant Edwards wrote:
> In article <kReK6.21$Dd5.7061 at>, Grant Edwards wrote:
> >A particular port can't be reused for X seconds after it's
> >closed (for security reasons).
> I should explain more precisely: it's so that if packets from
> the old connection come straggling in after wandering around
> the 'net for a while they don't interfere with the new
> connection.  If you don't allow a port to be re-used for longer
> than the maximum time it could take for a packet to get from A
> to B, then that's not a problem.  I have a vague recollection
> that there was a way that reusing a port immediately could be a
> security problem, but I can't figure out what the scenario
> would be.

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