Citing Numpy

Paul Magwene paul.magwene at
Tue May 1 16:53:38 CEST 2001

For my Ph.D., I cited the LLNL documentation (for the same reason Louis
stated in his response), and the version number I used (which seems to be
changing really fast these days!).


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> Konrad
> I was wondering, did anyone make a suggestion on how to cite Numpy?  I am
> my PhD proposal and since the computational part is rather important I am
> Numpy as well.  My initial plan was to use the same overall practice that
the R
> people use, except I was going to refer to the Numerical Python document
> Ascher wrote at LLNL.  My reasoning is that since it has an LLNL document
> it can be cited in an academic environment.  (the R-Project people cite a
> paper that was written in the early stages of R)
> Louis
> FROM: Konrad Hinsen
>     DATE: 04/04/2001 07:14:48
>     SUBJECT:  [Numpy-discussion] Citing NumPy
>     I am just working on an article describing a program which makes heavy
>     use of NumPy, so I should cite some reference to it. Did anyone do
>     this before? What is the most appropriate reference? I think URLs
>     are acceptable these days, but it should be a rather stable one.
>     Konrad.
>     --

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