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Thomas Bellman bellman at lysator.liu.se
Sun May 13 14:33:41 CEST 2001

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at pythonware.com> writes:

> maybe because join is and has always been documented to take an
> unlimited list of items?

>    join(path1[, path2[, ...]])

>        Joins one or more path components intelligently. If any
>        component is an absolute path, all previous components
>        are thrown away, and joining continues.

Nope.  That was a new feature in Python 1.5.  In 1.4 and earlier,
os.path.join() took exactly two arguments.

I even remember being a bit annoyed with that behaviour, and
writing a replacement that worked like todays.  I was just about
to send the patch (with documentation, to boot!) to Guido, when
1.5 was released...

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