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> This may sound like I'm headed down a slippery slope towards APL where
> all conceivable keywords and operators are a single character, but I'd
> be happy with just a couple more sets of delimiters.

Nah, here's what Py3k needs:

The `<expression>` syntax will be elimated--there's only one way to do it,
after all, and we already have repr().  Instead, backticks will be used to
create sequences (except strings).  The sequence type will be indicated by
a one-letter code, either T, L, or D for tuple, list or dict, and the
number of elements will be indicated by the number of backticks, which
will be followed by a comma-separated list.  What in current python is (1,
'hi', [foo(), bar({'string':value, vrbl:'something else'})]) will be
T```1, 'hi', L``foo(), bar(D``'string':value, vrbl:'someting else') .
Much clearer.

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