A select question

Victor Muslin victor at prodigy.net
Mon May 14 20:09:37 EDT 2001

Some more info.

After some experimentation it appears that the number of socket
objects allowed in select is around 64. This seems to correspond to
FD_SETSIZE pre-processor constant defined in winsock2.h.

However, in C or C++ it is possible to redefine FD_SETSIZE before
including winsock2.h. Is it possible to do something similar in Python
to wait for data on more than 64 sockets at a time? If not, how does
one write a server in Python that can have more than 64 concurrent


On Mon, 14 May 2001 22:27:31 GMT, victor at prodigy.net (Victor Muslin)

>On Windows platform, what is the maximum number of file descriptors
>allowed in fd_set in select? Is there a way to find it out in Python?
>I seem to get an exception on select:
>	ValueError: too many file descriptors in select()
>when the number is less than 100. I thougth that the number of
>concurrent connections supported should be on the order of several K.

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