php alternatives in python

Charlie Clark charlie at
Thu May 31 08:55:42 EDT 2001

Scott Hathaway wrote:
> I am trying to evaluate various php alternatives in python.  I have
> looked
> at webware, psp, mod_python, PyHP, using Python with ASP pages, and
> mod_snake.  All of these seem fairly straight forward, but what I
> don't know
> is what really works.  I would need a solution that is:
> 1) As stable as PHP
> 2) Close to as fast as PHP
> 3) Cross platform
yes, of course
> 4) Can access all the python modules (not just the ones that jython
> can access)
Jython is limited by Java. C-Python isn't so should have access to all
the modules you need.
> Can anyone tell me what your experiences are and make a
> recommendation?
I think most people will ask "why do you want to do that?" PHP is quick
(and dirty). Mixing presentation and application logic may get
applications online quicker but it can make making changes take longer
and Python is optimised to be read and changed computer programmers'
time is more expensive than CPU time.

That said, if you are happy with php then why change? Why are you
looking for an alternative?

You might check out Zope's DTML and the discussions around ZPT which
reflect some of these concerns.

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