Python20 win32api RegSetValueEx in Win2k

Jens Hünermund huene at
Thu May 3 12:46:11 CEST 2001

I'm a newbie and tried to add some values to the Windows2000 registry database 
using the RegSetValueEx command:

subkey=win32api.RegOpenKeyEx(subkey, 'Dummy')
win32api.RegSetValueEx(self.registry_key, "7000", 0, win32con.REG_SZ, 

With Win9x there was no problem, whereas with W2k and NT I always get the error: 
pywintypes.api_error: (5, 'RegSetValueEx',  'Zugriff verweigert') (the last is 
'access denied' in german).

Using win32api.RegSetValue(self.registry_eaw_key, "7000", win32con.REG_SZ, 
"742890210") I succeeded, but the result was a new  subkey. 

I think it is something dealing with security. Is there somebody who can help 
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