Place to keep the Modules

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Thu May 31 10:55:34 EDT 2001

"Prem Rachakonda" <prem at> wrote in message
news:e56d8da7.0105310632.7eb60921 at
> Hi,
>   If I am writing my own modules, and if I want to import them, is it
> necessary to keep in the LIB directory. If not, how to import the
> modules stored in a different directory.

Just place in your PYTHONHOME (e.g. c:\Python21 in a typical
standard Python 2.1 installation on Win32) a textfile with any
name, extension .pth, and, one per line, the directories you
want to be added to the sys.path on startup., which
runs at each startup of Python, will build your sys.path


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