asyncore: suggested patch

Robert Amesz rcameszREMOVETHIS at
Sun May 27 01:38:15 CEST 2001

Steve Holden wrote:

> Jonathan:
> I'd be interested to know whether you could try using the
> timeoutsocket module and see whether that is a natural fit with
> asyncore. Have you tried this?

Timeoutsocket doesn't handle nonblocking sockets (yet), and it would 
hardly be helpful if it did. However, the connect() routine in 
timeoutsocket has to do pretty much the same as the corresponding 
routine in asyncore.

If Jonathan Freiberg wants to make his connect-patch work on more 
platforms, notably Windows, he'll have to put in a bit more effort. is a good starting point for that, but it contains a 
few bugs, so you might want to read the thread starting with  message 
<Xns90989FD82A446rcamesz at>.

Robert Amesz

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