Compiling python extensions on Windows

Mark Hadfield m.hadfield at
Sun May 27 18:16:27 EDT 2001

From: "Tim Peters" < at>
> I suspect your problems are due to mixing builds.  If you're going to do
> Windows work under Cygwin, stick with the Cygwin stuff.  If you're
> going to do Windows work under Windows, avoid the Cygwin stuff.

Yes, but you can, if you wish, build extensions for Windows-native Python
using Cygwin's gcc compiler in "Mingw" mode. This is easily done by writing
a script for the extension (see Alex Martelli's message in this
thread) then building it with

    python build --compiler=mingw32

It causes Cygwin's gcc to be called with the "-mno-cygwin" switch so that
the binaries do not link to Cygwin's Unix-emulation DLL.

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