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Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon May 21 05:14:43 EDT 2001

"Neil Hodgson" <nhodgson at> wrote in message
news:JTYN6.65845$ff.512206 at
> Dave Kuhlman:
> > It's more than interoperability.  Certain software screens out or
> > discourages particular kinds of content.  Netscape and MS IE
> > discourage content without images (it's Boring).
>    Netscape and MS IE are better viewers of text because they use
> proportional fonts making the text easier to read and hence less
> boring than Lynx.

I don't see what "boredom" has to do with it.  Well-designed and
well-used fonts (mostly proportional ones, of course) make text
_easier and more productive_ to read -- and I speak as a confirmed
and unabashed text-lover and book-lover... who'd willingly choose
to read a typewriter transcript of some text if he could have a
well-typeset book with the same text for the same price?-)

Lynx is still precious to me, mind you -- sometimes I *do* need
to ensure text-only rendering of HTML pages, and Lynx is good
at that job.  But for most of my text-reading tasks, when the
original text is in HTML, I do choose IE rather than Lynx.


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