How to set path in Windows NT?

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Wed May 16 13:34:45 EDT 2001

Get a copy of reg.exe from  This is a
freeware program that allows command line registry editing.  From the docs:

-EnvPathAdd dir ...
Add the directory to the end of the user path. If it already is in the path,
it will remain unchanged.

Note that this command will not affect any currently open windows. When a
new window is launched from Program Manager, it will reflect the modified

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> Not strictly Python related, but...
> I've written a utility batch file that I'd like to be executable after
> installing it on a computer.  How can I programmatically set the PATH
> environment variable to include a directory of my choice, such that the
> time the user logs in or runs the command prompt, the variable will be set
> accordingly?
> Thanks.
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