.NET SDK, compiling Python 2.0, anyone done it?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at home.com
Sun May 13 11:27:10 CEST 2001

I seem to have been almost successful.  I'm using the .NET SDK (beta) and
the Platform SDK (both free downloads from MicroSoft).  I tried to compile
those distutils-based extensions I have on my computer for Python 2.0:

Numeric Python
	Seems to work fine (passes all tests included in the archive (which don't
seem very numerous, but oh well))

Mx Base Extensions
	Seems to work fine with the included tests and benchmarks, get warnings
during compilation:
		Command line warning D4002 : ignoring unknown option '/GD'

	I can compile PyOpenGL's _opengl, _glu, _glut and openglutil modules.
Unfortunately, something seems to be wonky with the wgl module...

c:\BIN\lang\python20\include\config.h(386) : error C2371: 'intptr_t' :
redefinition; different basic types
        S:\MicrosoftNetSDK\include\io.h(70) : see declaration of 'intptr_t'
S:\MicrosoftNetSDK\include\stdarg.h(52) : error C2371: 'uintptr_t' :
redefinition; different basic types
        c:\BIN\lang\python20\include\config.h(387) : see declaration of
error: command 'c:\BIN\W2K\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.2204\cl.exe' failed
with exit status 2

Python 2.0
	Couldn't compile, as the SDK's doesn't include an IDE to load the
workspace/project files.  Would need to export a makefile or something
similar I guess.

Looks like a basically workable solution for compiling extensions for MS
systems.  As an added bonus, you can play with the .NET stuff too :) .




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mike, i'm pretty sure i've heard this is the full and complete
MSCV commandline compiler, so i would assume there doesn't need
to be any changes. the only thing possible missing is the standard
MSVC headers and libraries. but i hear it is possible to get those
off the MSDN site somewhere, thus giving you a free full-working
MSVC compiler suite (minues the gui stuff).

i'd really like to hear if anyone has been successful putting a
compiler like that together or not.

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