Last Problem, I Think, In CGI Script: Please Help

rainy sill at
Thu May 3 23:06:02 EDT 2001

On Thu, 03 May 2001 18:21:23 -0700, Ben Ocean <zope at> wrote:
>I frame around a Web page from Kelley Blue Book on my car dealer's site. 
>KBB has the visitor fill out a form. The data is then posted back to my car 
>dealer's site via STDIN. I capture the data via cgi.FieldStorage(). I test 
>to see if a certain variable of my own making is valid. If it is not, I 
>raise a NameError exception and print to screen the data the visitor filled 
>out in the form. Then I offer the visitor the opportunity to have this data 
>sent back to the dealership or, conversely, printed to screen in a 
>printer-friendly format. I do this by writing the data to a separate file 
>at the same time as I originally post the data to the screen. The problem 
>comes in when I try and retrieve the data from the file. When the visitor 
>selects one of the aforementioned options, the variable of my own making 
>for which I test (which the first time around threw the NameError 
>exception) is set in STDIN in the URL and the same script is called. The 
>page is printed to screen and the data is supposed to be read from the file 
>I'd written, but for some reason it isn't! The data's in there, so what 
>gives? Here's the part that's not working:
> >>>
>    file = open("outfile.txt", "r")
>    print file
>Should work, right? Your help is appreciated. The entire file follows if 
>you care to look for errors, although I've tested the rest and it appears 
>to be in good, working order.

This shouldn't work, actually.. the way you intend. Read tutorial or a
good introductory book to find out how to do this properly.

Hope this helps.


Shine on you crazy diamond / - Roger

        - Andrei

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