Newbie question

Tim Gahnström /Bladerman tim at
Mon May 28 17:59:37 CEST 2001

"Charlie Clark" <charlie at> skrev i meddelandet
news:PM0003855CE2128DEA at titus.gormenghast...
> You might want to try using IDLE for all this as Windows is not really a
> nice place to use a command line interpreter. IDLE allows you run
> programs you've written and helps manage the ones you have open. It
> should have been installed when you installed Python.

On windows I guees using pythonWin is far better.
Atleast that is what I use :-)

It is downloadable from

Part of the reason I dont like IDLE might be because I coudnt figure out how
to reload a file into it :-)
In pythonWin there is this nifty little GUI buton that reloads the current
file into the interpreter so I can use al the functions in that file.
How is it done in IDLE?


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