help building a chain-of-command (or maybe Object Oriented Recursion)

Robin Becker robin at
Sun May 27 11:55:43 EDT 2001

In article <mailman.990964420.32234.python-list at>, Laura
Creighton <lac at> writes
>But there is a problem. The Scrollbar Widget and the other Widget
>that is going to be scrolled really need to know about each other.
>To connect a  scrollbar to a widget, you have to set the widget's
>(x or y)scrollcommand callbacks to the set method of the scrollbar, and
>set the scrollbar's command to the (x or y)view method of the widget.

I guess you're talking about some kind of inter component api; It's not
sufficient to just add the scrollbar bit as it affects the receiving
widget as well.

>Thanks for listening.
>Laura Creighton

Robin Becker

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