Tabs and spaces (style)

Mark Jackson mjackson at
Wed May 2 13:04:13 CEST 2001

Courageous <jkraska1 at> writes:
> Whoever this dude was:
> >> >Your actions are inconsistent with your reasoning. If there is a
> >> >never-ending war, why enforce an action that only serves to fan flames?
> >> 
> >> Because, if one uses spaces, one can alway simply indent to the level
> >> of the original programmer, but if one mixes spaces and tabs, it all falls
> >> to hell in a handbasket.
> >
> >Flagrant strawman, the quoted poster having made it quite clear that
> >s/he is talking about using tabs only.
> But my response wasn't to the original poster; it was to the person
> above, marked "whoever this dude was".

Another flagrant strawman.  I *said* "quoted poster," not "original
poster."  Check the thread; we were both referring to "Cantanker"
<az at>.

> As for the use of tabs only,
> many editors can be configured to not enter tabs, but none that I know
> of can be configured to not enter spaces.

Third flagrant strawman.

And while some newsreading clients cannot be configured to provide
attribution on quoted text, all posting editors support cut-and-paste.

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