I'm new and need some help!!!!!

Costas Menico costas at meezon.com
Fri May 11 13:06:48 CEST 2001

toto tuto <anma3000 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Hi my name is Andres Pinzon and i'm writting from
>Lately i've been interested on Python because i've
>heard about its "power". Someone told me Python is a
>very good starting language to a person like me (you
>know i'm a beginner). I don't know much about
>programming, hardly i do some HTML and "Basic" stuff;
>what i'd like to know is: if is it possible to become
>a "Python Programmer" just with this? and where can i
>find some REAL basic tutorials. 
>Andres Pinzon
>PD.. BY the way! I'd like to keep in touch with
>"someone outthere", for some "guidance"

Python is a great language only because it is simple and powerful at
the same time. As you get in to it you will see it has a multitude of
modules that give it all its power.

If you are using Windows, I suggest you learn Python using PythonWin
for your IDE. Its included free with Python from www.ActiveState.com.

The big advantage of PythonWin is that it has an easy to use
interactive window where you can test Python commands AND also write
your program with and a debugger to boot.


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