Python & Linux ?

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Thu May 24 10:38:02 EDT 2001

eric at (Eric Lee Green) writes:

> Correct. You can create installable RPM files from your Python programs.
> See for more information. Do note that it's some major
> voodoo, but has some interesting benefits too, such as being able to set
> up a 'depends' so that a user can't install your Python program without
> having the Python interpreter already installed. 

For Python, building RPM packages is very easy if your software
package already uses distutils. In that case, you simply do

python bdist_rpm

and voilá, you get an RPM.

> If there's interest, I am the person who created the Red Hat 'rpm's
> for the BRU-Pro product (R.I.P.), which was written largely in Python,
> and can easily give some tips on how to build rpm's for Python
> programs. Do note that rpm-building is an advanced topic, there's no
> automated tools for doing it, creating the .spec files for doing it is
> major voodoo, and as a beginner you're better off sticking with just
> writing your programs and tarballing them if you want to distribute
> them to other people.

That is past history. Just have a look at distutils.


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