cgi dat coruption by Internet Explorer 5.0

Micheas micheas at
Sun May 13 11:51:08 EDT 2001

What I am doing:
I am writing a cgi script in python that connects to a sybase database.
 The web server is apache on FreeBSSD4.3.  The application lives on an
intranet with trusted clients so I can dictate what browsers have
access to the web page and I don't have to be paranoid about security
when parsing submissions.
The problem:
 IE at seemingly random times return 5 character values that begin
with a '+' and end with '-' and three letters in the middle for commas,
ampersands, dollar signs, etc. This only happens about 5% of the time
but is reproduce-able with that entry until the browser is restarted

The solutions I am toying with:
Ban IE:
    viable but what if another browser starts acting up?
create a function that parses the IE code into what it should be:
     I only know about four of the codes and there are probably 100
            or so
     There are 64 input areas one one of the forms so this could
greatly increase the load on the server if done poorly!  Although I
could write the filter in C and call it from python.
Any thoughts, ideas, prewritten filters, or a even a list of all the
three letter codes would be appreciated.


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