Python Risk

TomJ tjenkins at
Wed May 9 13:05:15 EDT 2001

>I'm now a strong Python advocate but a question that seems to be
> comming up quite a bit lately is, what would happen to the language
> if something happened to our BDFL (aka GVR)? Would the language 
>stagnate or is there enough of a 'machine' out there to continue
> its evolution and support?

Well since Guido does have in his possession a time machine, we have less to worry about.  Take for example the Bus Scenario.. well he can simply (and easily) discover when said bus and he would have that fateful meeting, and avoid it.  Paradox you say?  Well any good paradox can be paradoctored as I believe Heinlein was fond of saying.  Guido would simply start at TimePoint A and jump to TimePoint B, where he wou

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