Tabs and spaces (style)

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Tue May 1 22:49:54 EDT 2001

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Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I had to bite.

> Because of the never-ending "what tab indentation level to use" wars, on
> my projects I forbid tabs in Python files outright. 

Your actions are inconsistent with your reasoning. If there is a
never-ending war, why enforce an action that only serves to fan flames?

Alex Martelli uses spaces "so _all_ tools will certainly see my source in just
the same way", which is another way of saying "to impose my choice of
tab/indent size on _everyone_ else". If you instead use tabs, _everyone_
has the choice of what tabsize to use (assuming they use a real editor :)

> Now if I can only figure out how to configure CVS to refuse Python files
> with tabs in them. :-)

If only I can figure out how to configure CVS to refuse any file from a
hacker with a misguided world-view :-)

I'm sorry to sound so stubborn, it's something that I'm quite touchy
with. I'm sure you're all good coders. :)


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