PEP 234: Iterators

Christian Tanzer tanzer at
Fri May 4 03:17:06 EDT 2001

"Stephen Hansen" <news at> wrote:

>    dict.iteritems/iterkeys/itervalues is still really ugly, though. :)

Yes it is.

I'd call them item_iterator (or itemiter), key_iterator, and

I can't explain why but putting `iter' first in the name makes it less
readable to me.

Also consider things like `range_iterator'/`rangeiter' (analogous to
xrange) and `pair_iterator'/`pairiter' (lockstep iterator over two
sequences) vs. `iterrange' and `iterpair'. `iterrange' and `iterpair'
definitely convey the wrong semantics (i.e., a range/pair of
iterators instead of a iterator over a range/pair).

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