Verifying assertion failures

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Sun May 20 09:01:12 EDT 2001

>> ... content of that exception when done in the context of
>>   a = 0
>>   b = 1
>>   assert a == b == (a == math.sqrt(a))
>> The first is to use the string
>>  "a == b == (a == math.sqrt(a))"

Gustavo Niemeyer wrote
>Yes that's the implementation I was thinking of. Notice that,
>specifically in my case, the guy doing the debuggings will
>also look for the bug in the environment the framework is

In that case I've found it useful to know the actual values
of the interesting parts of the assertion, as in

 assert a == b == (a == math.sqrt(a)), "%s %s %s" % (a, b, math.sqrt(a))

because this helps in debugging much more than seeing the
string.  I really want to know which part of the expression
failed, and when I write the test I usually have a good
enough idea of what might fail to put that data in the assertion
text string.

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