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David Lees deblNospammy at theworld.com
Sun May 13 01:56:01 EDT 2001

Could you be more specific.  I just ran this little test which showed no
problem appending one million elements with Python 2.1 on a win98 box:
def foo(n):
    while n:
        n -= 1
    return len(x)

print foo(N)

david lees

Matthew Turk wrote:
> Hi all.  I've just got a quick question --
> When Python 2.0 was released, one of the big changes was the fact that
> the append method for lists no longer took an unlimited list of items.
> Why does os.join not follow this?  And why was append changed in the
> first place?  (But more importantly, I wanna know about os.join...
> ;-)
> mjt
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