Is There a CGI Expert In the House?? Good Grief!!

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Wed May 2 05:21:01 CEST 2001

On Tue, 01 May 2001 14:31:54 -0700, Ben Ocean <zope at> wrote in
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:I have been trying DESPERATELY to get the answer to this question. I was 
:under the impression that Python was an ideal language for CGI scripting. 
:Now, would SOMEONE PLEASE answer this question:
:My client,, frames around Kelley Blue Book ( The 
:visitor fills out a form on's page and submits it. The info is sent 
:back to to a page I specify (in the cgi-bin directory). The 
:data is sent back via the *data buffer*
:What the &*()$)*_% is a data buffer and how the &*(&*% do I get the data 
:out of it?

>From reading the other responses, to the several pleas for help you've made
today, I get the impression that:
The data is being sent to you by HTTP_POST, and that it is a form on Kelley's

So, what are the names of the form fields?

Actually, someone suggested that you try

import cgi


That would be a good script for you to run. Save the above two lines as a text
file, like and put it in your cgi-bin, and invoke it from the page
that you have framed around the Kelley's page. See what the output looks like.

Sheila King

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