PEP 234: Iterators

Roman Suzi rnd at
Wed May 2 16:53:26 CEST 2001

On 2 May 2001, Michael Hudson wrote:

>com-nospam at (Christopher A. Craig) writes:
>> Just van Rossum <just at> writes:
>> > Roman Suzi wrote:
>> > > What about xitems, xvalues, xkeys (as in xrange?)
>> >
>> > Please read the PEP: iterators largely make these
>> > redundant. Eg. dict.iteritems() doesn't return a list of items (we
>> > already have dict.items() for that) but an _iterator_, allowing you
>> > to iterate over the items _without_ creating a list containing them
>> > all...
>> Much as xrange presently doesn't return a list of items, but an object
>> that returns the next item with each successive call to __getitem__.
>> I think his point was that having methods on the mapping objects named


>> xitems, xvalues, and xkeys instead of iteritems, itervalues, and
>> iterkeys would be inline with names of the present xrange and
>> xreadlines functions.
>But .iteritems(), etc. are much better names.  So there.

Are them?  x* names are more visible in the code code.
I ca argue that iteitems must be spelled as
"iter_items", to be like has_key, otherwise, there could be
some mis-styling in them?

"isoteritems" ;-)


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