Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at
Fri May 4 22:30:57 EDT 2001

Paul Prescod <paulp at> writes:
> If that were true, nobody would ever choose Python over Perl or Java. In
> fact, a lot of people are attracted by the beauty of the core language
> and there are people moving to Ruby because it is a more theoretically
> pure language. Through cleaning up little nasty bits, I think Python is
> actually getting simpler to learn as time goes by.

Perhaps; some of the changes hitting the CVS tree right now are
intriguing, and will probably even things out with Ruby.  But I've
noticed that when people unfavorably compare Python to other languages
these days, it's usually on library support, not language features.
For example, Perl people will cite CPAN as an advantage, and not
"better regex support", since that argument has mostly had its fangs


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