Reinitializing the python interpreter form Java

Andre M. Descombes amdescombes at
Tue May 29 03:32:35 EDT 2001

Hi again Ype,

I think the problem of locals not changing was I was using
PyFunction.__call__  which does not use the locals variable instead of
PyFunction.exec which uses the locals.
The problem I am encountering now, is apparently I can't pass any parameters
with the exec method! Do you know if this can be done?

> You wrote initially:
> >The problem is I would like to execute some functions several times, and
> >would like to be able to save the state of the global variables, so I can
> >later restore it (on a different day for example).
> I think i misunderstood this. You might be better off using the pickle
> module to save/restore python objects for longer periods.

I will look into it.



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