Mod python advice

Stefan Schwarzer s.schwarzer at
Sun May 20 23:37:45 CEST 2001

Hello Jeff

Jeff Davis schrieb:
> I really like python, but I haven't used it much on the web (a couple CGIs).
> I can use mod_python, but it seems to be focused on writing an apache
> module. I recently noticed its built-in handlers, such as publisher and
> cgihandler, but cgihandler is 'not recommended...long term'
> ( and the others seem somewhat foreign.
> I am going to be taking on a pretty large project; will I be better off
> using publisher, or might cgihandler be a better choice? Or is there some
> other tactic people have found useful (like Zope maybe)? It is important
> that I retain the ability to access all of python's features, and I would
> also like to be able to import python modules written in C if I need to.

We will use Webware for Python ( for our
next project. It is a framework and an application server written in Python.

What I especially like in Webware is that you don't have to develop "in two
worlds", as with Zope. You can develop all application code in the file
system (and thus use advanced editors, CVS, etc.).


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