Do python support pointers

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Thu May 24 18:27:46 CEST 2001

"Sameer Kshatriya" <sameerk at> writes:

> I have a problem is accessing a pointer variable.I have a dll, that
> iam loading in Python,one of its exported function returns a pointer
> to an interface using which iam suppose to call certain
> functions. Now iam not able to make call to functions using the
> pointer returned by the exported finction. How can i do this.

You need to create a Python wrapper object for the pointer. Suppose
the function returning the point is "foo", and the interface
operations are "bar" and "foobar". Then you'd do

PyObject *foo(...){
 return IWrapper_New(pointervalue);

IWrapper_bar(IWrapper* wr, PyObject*args){
  ... get args ...
  res = wr->wrapped_interface->bar(arguments);
  ... return result

IWrapper_foobar(IWrapper* wr, PyObject*args){
  ... get args ...
  res = wr->wrapped_interface->foobar(arguments);
  ... return result

>From Python, you'd then do

interface = args)

Please see the xxmodule.c source for an example of creating new types
in Python. If you need to create many different wrapper objects, you
may consider using SWIG.


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