Windows editor?

scott smarsh at
Fri May 4 18:43:57 EDT 2001

> Does anyone use NEdit for windows? I love it under linux, and I understand
> you can get it running with cigwin.
> -- Stephen

Nedit is a great editor. I got addicted to it in Solaris/Linux for Java
programming and set it up under both NT4 and W2K. You will of course have to
run an X server.
Smart indent and syntax highlighting in Nedit work great for Python (as you
probably already know), and it generally works under Windows just like under
Unix. has info on setting it up. Cygwin will give you a nice bash
shell too.
Once I tried Pythonwin I never looked back. I now spend 80 % of my time in
Windows and 20 % of my time in Unix ( the opposite ratio from a month ago)
just because of Pythonwin. Run, don't walk, to Activestate and get the
win32all extensions which include Pythonwin. Try it for a week before you
bother to set up Nedit. I miss certain Nedit features, but for me the benefits
of Pythonwin *far* outweigh the drawbacks.
Now I only wish Pythonwin ran under Unix :-)

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