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Thu May 31 19:48:37 CEST 2001

>     ...
> > for Mac, Windoze and *nix there is Tkinter (a wrapper for tcl/tk), the
> > de-facto standard GUI library for Python, so for cross-plattform
> development
> > it's really the best choice IMHO.
> Quite possibly, but the clear alternative is wxPython, which
> should run on the same platforms.

oh, i didn't knew that wxPython runs on Mac, too. :)

> AFAIK, BeOS IS one target of wxWindows too, and when
> that's done wxPython should follow.

hopefully ... i'd love to use it.

> (I'm surprised that Tkinter doesn't work on BeOS, but I'll
> take your word for it -- I really know nothing about BeOS).

Tk is heavily based on X. while the tcl port is easily done (and has been
done for a while now), there is no working X implementation for BeOS, so
porting tk is a huge problem and noone is really working on it AFAIK.

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