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Gerhard Häring gerhard.nospam at
Mon May 28 17:39:45 EDT 2001

On Mon, 28 May 2001 17:10:55 -0400, John <john.thai at> wrote:
>How would I package a python source file (.py or .pyc) and Python such that
>the user does not need to install the Python interpreter (well it is, but
>transparently).  So if the user double clicks on a .py or .pyc the dos prompt
>will not show.

If you only want to avoid the Windows command line shell (it has nothing to do
with DOS ;-)), just rename your Python scripts extension to ".pyw" . The .pyw
is registered with the pythonw.exe interpreter, which is not quite unlike the
python.exe interpreter, but doesn't show a shell window when executing scripts.

If you want to distribute Python programs that do not depend on any installed
interpreter, check out py2exe (easiest) or Gordon McMillan's installer (is
around longer).


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