Python & Linux ?

Niklas Frykholm r2d2 at
Tue May 22 09:56:10 CEST 2001

In article <3B0A0C89.1070108 at>, Peter Moscatt wrote:
>I have just migrated from Win98 over to Linux.  My programming platform 
>under Win98 was VB.
>Now in Linux, I have decided to program using the Python platform.
>I have bought myself a get started book and from what I can gather - 
>Python is a Interpreter and not a Compiler, therefore only being able to 
>develop scripts instead of installable programs.
>Have I got it all wrong here ??

Not all wrong, but not all right either. Python is interpreted, this means
that you need the Python interpreter to run your programs. However, nothing
prevents you from having the installer install both Python and your program.
It is also possible to bundle your program with the interpreter in various

For a Linux distribution I would probably just distribute the python source
code.  Most Linux users have python or know where to get it. (If you are making
a deb or rpm file you could list python as a dependency.)

For a Windows distribution, you may want to search Google for "py2exe".

BTW, I'm not sure about this, since I'm not a VB enthusiast, but I would
believe that VB programs are also interpreted.

// Niklas

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